The Most Popular Honda Cars

Way back in 1970, Honda introduced their first passenger cars in North America. The Honda

AutoThe Most Popular Honda Cars
The Most Popular Honda Cars

The Most Popular Honda Cars

Way back in 1970, Honda introduced their first passenger cars in North America. The Honda N600 sedan was featured at just 32 dealerships across the western portion of the United States. However, sales of their brand began steadily rising after 1972. Today, the Honda dealership across the country move fantastic vehicles on a daily basis. Consumers stand by the Japanese brand for their reliability, style, and safety features in numerous models of vehicles – both big and small.

Honda Civic

The original Civic launched to the world in 1973, and has since become one of the most popular compact vehicles in the entire country. The success of the four-door car is largely in part to their high level of quality inside and out. There are a few reasons why people continue purchasing these models, including their high resale value, the range of models available at a Honda dealership, and the ergonomic layout of its interior, which is a favorite for almost everyone. When buying a new car, the Civic is a smart option.

The long production line for the model ensures there is a Civic in most dealerships – used and new.

Honda CR-V

The CR-V first launched to North America sometime in the late 1990s with one goal in mind: to introduce a compact, convenience midsize vehicle for the working class family who wanted to avoid full-size SUVs, which were popular at the time.

The CR-V features an economical four-cylinder engine, a sedan-like appearance, and was priced competitively against the competition to make it worth your attention. The spacious passenger cabin continues to be a high selling point for many dealerships around the nation.

Honda Pilot

The Pilot is another Honda offering that focused on offering a crossover SUV to the world. The midsize vehicle includes three rows of comfortable seating, a powerful V6 engine, and wonderfully efficient fuel economy for your buck. Growing families tend to opt for this model when they are purchasing a new car, and for good reason. The spacious interior is a high selling point, despite its outer appearance remaining sportier than the competitors.

The Pilot comes with a few options, unlike many other midsize SUVs on the market. Instead of offering too many options, the manufacturer designed just a few select choices for the consumer to choose from.

Overall, the Japanese company continues to remain a stalwart companion to the motor vehicle industry throughout the world. Their offerings tend to be notable, cost efficient, and come stock with enough features to make them last on the road for quite some time. Your local dealership can offer far more information, or perhaps even a test drive, if a certain model happens to catch your attention at any point. If you want to learn more, visit Formula Honda.

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