The Dodge Grand Caravan to Go Out with a Bang

If you are looking for a minivan that offers both versatility and a lot of

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The Dodge Grand Caravan to Go Out with a Bang

The Dodge Grand Caravan to Go Out with a Bang

If you are looking for a minivan that offers both versatility and a lot of features in a single package, the new dodge caravan could be your car. It looks like it’s the end of the road for the pioneering minivan, though, as the Pacifica, its successor hits the showroom. The Dodge Caravan will go down as one of the best-selling minivans in Canada. The 2016 model sold over 6,000 vehicles with the second-placed Honda Odyssey selling just a little over 1,000 cars. The Grand Caravan probably has the best overall balance of the key features that appeal to minivan shoppers the most, compared to its competitors. However, its ride/handling combination is lackluster.

It is a 7-seater minivan that comes in four trim levels: GT, SXT, XE, and SE Plus. Every trim has access to a distinct package of options. All vehicles come with the same transmission and engine. A six-speed automatic transmission propels the minivan and the 3.6-liter V6 with a horsepower of 283. The grand caravan is a good option if you are in the market for an affordable, decent minivan.

Driving Experience

Not many people will notice the difference, but this caravan comes up a bit short in total driving experience, relatively speaking. The vehicles automatic transmission won’t always shift as efficiently as you’d like and could get quite loud at full tilt, but the V6 engine does offer decent acceleration. All in all, many minivan shoppers will find this particular model quite impressive given its price tag.

Dodge Caravan Safety

The Grand Caravan packs the standard safety features we see on new cars on the daily. Some of these features include full-length side curtain airbag, front-seat side airbag, a driver knee airbag, active front head controls, antilock disc brakes, and stability control. A rear view camera is also expected to be a standard feature later in the year. The vehicle also comes with a bunch of optional safety features such as cross-traffic and rear parking sensors as well as a blind-spot monitoring system. The vehicle scored impressively on the government crash test side and frontal impact.


The 2017 dodge has a decent outward vision from a when sitting upright from the front seat position. The vehicle’s interior appears and feels swankier. The cloth seat upholstery, cabin plastics, and other materials are okay. You can transform the dodge caravan from a maximum passenger carrying vehicle to full cargo mode with the flick of a lever. The second-row seats will easily disappear into the floor to create room. The seats on the third row will also fold to give space for cargo but not as easily.

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