How to Get the Best Deal on a Car

Buying a car is an utterly exciting experience. You should be excited about taking home

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How to Get the Best Deal on a Car

How to Get the Best Deal on a Car

Buying a car is an utterly exciting experience. You should be excited about taking home the vehicle of your choice. However, you should never let your excitement detract from your reasoning. The following are some tips for dealing car dealerships in a way that will get you the best deal possible:

Assess the Vehicle in Several Places

The first thing you need to do is grab hold of some numbers. You need to know exactly how much the car that you intend to buy is worth and how much is too much for you to spend. You can get the figures from sources such as Kelley Blue Book or the Canadian Black Book. The figure must be as accurate as possible, so you have to be honest about your mileage and the condition of the car when you complete the short form. Make sure you notate any auto parts and service repairs that your trade-in vehicle needs. You will need that information because it will take you to the true value of the vehicle so that you will not be surprised by the offer the dealership gives you.

Bring a Hefty Down Payment

The next thing you can do to ensure that you get a reasonable deal is bring a hefty down payment with you. Whether you are buying a new car or a used car, you will need that down payment to lower the monthly payments that you will have on your car. A good down payment is one that is between $2,000 and $5,000. The higher the down payment, the better for you. You will be able to negotiate better if you have a high down payment, as well. Even if your credit is a little bit on the shady side, the down payment will make you look more appealing. It will build trust between you and the dealer.

Be Willing to Walk Off the Lot

Finally, you have to be willing to walk off the lot. That means you have to be willing to depart from your dream car and possibly not take it home with you. Dealerships need to know that they cannot push you around or intimidate you. If you show nay signs of excitement or impatience, a salesperson will take advantage of you to the absolute fullest. Always act calm and collected when you are dealing with any type of purchase. Don’t jump at the first deal just because you want to drive off in the car. Negotiate for something closer to what you want instead. If the offer does not meet your needs, you can simply walk away.That may work to get the salesperson to negotiate on new cars better, but then again it may not.

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